Innovation and sustainability in the production of controlled capillary filters

05 April 2023

We are specialized in the production of controlled capillarity filters employed in various applications, from writing to cosmetics to room scenting. In 2015, we decided to move to a new location, where we have been able to develop innovative technologies in the renewable energy sector.

We obtained the "Passive House EnergyPlus" certification thanks to the geothermal system for heating and cooling the water needed for the production cycle, and the photovoltaic system installed on the roof to produce electricity. The geothermal system consists of an energy palisade, a brine/water heat pump, inertial tank for heating water storage, inertial storage for cooling water and two plate heat exchangers. The energy palisade consists of modules, assembled and connected in four groups of two elements each, and uses a glycol-mixed water compound as heat carrier.

This geothermal system is a viable alternative to traditional vertical probes, as it achieves high efficiencies with lower installation costs. Thanks to tube bundles placed above the ground, the energy palisade receives thermal energy from the sun and the environment, and transfers heat to the ground, acting as a heat store. Creating clean energy and respecting the environment have always guided our investment choices.

As early as 2011, we invested in photovoltaic panels and to date ,on the roofs of our group's buildings, we have an installed capacity of more than 650KWp, used both for running our production site and for selling the surplus to the grid. Our mission is to integrate environmental sustainability and the use of renewable energy sources into business processes, and that they can be used as tools for the success of any business.

A more sustainable and responsible future depends on our actions: achieving production efficiency with reduced environmental impact is possible.