De Martini Hitkari - Mumbai, India

In De Martini we have always had a 360-degree view. The challenge to bring our own brand to the world market, allowed us to forge partnership with Hitkari Group, based in Mumbai (India), thanks to which we established the De Martini Hitkari Fine Products Pvt. Ltd. (DMH). The joint-venture with Hitkari Group offers a springboard through which De Martini quality and technology introduced itself in a winning way on the eastern markets. Since 2008, DMH stands out as the landmark for the Indian market, the Far Est and the south-east of Asia. In these areas, heart of the global manufactory industry, De Martini Hitkari brings its Italian know how gained in over 50 years in the capillary flow control market together with an increasing customer base.

The growth and development path undertaken by DMH has led us to an harmonious relationship with the environment and to protect health and safety. Today we boast three important certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. In Hiktari group we found a family with who we share values ​​and passions. Communication and transparency allowed us to forge a strong partnership based on mutual respect helping us to grow and enhance our know-how together.


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