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In the early seventies, De Martini, armed with its tradition in the textile industry, began its differentiation path in the production of controlled capillary filters. Today, we produce and distribute acetate, polyester and polypropylene fiber filters and we supply the world's leading manufacturers of writing instruments, air care and home care devices, beauty and cosmetics products and many other special applications.

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De Martini filters find application in various markets: writing instruments, medical sector, air wicks and beekeeping. Our products are designed to ensure precision, safety and safeguarding health. The section of the fiber, its micrometric precision, the surface characteristics and the type of polymer used are technical elements that allow us to design products tailored on customers individual needs. Our internal R&D department, allow us to study and test at our best customers needs to offer tailor-made solutions.

Capillary flow-control filters

Capillary-flow control filters are suitable for all applications that require reservoirs to retain liquids and release them in a controlled manner, to meet at our best customers' needs in different markets.


The tow is a bundle of parallel continuous filaments suitably crimped. Tows are defined by their total tex (mass in grams per 1000 m length). In De Martini, we are specialised in the production of tow (mini tow) in a range of extremely low counts compared to products usually available on the market, for special applications and products.

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Optimisation and customisation of your ink.

Air wicks

Optimal release of your fragrances.

Cosmetics, personal care & beauty

For a perfect make-up.


Engineering for medical market.

Other application

Customisation based on your needs


We work in complete harmony with the environment.

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