At De Martini we have created a harmonious relationship with the environment in which we operate. We are constantly committed to environmental risk management throughout the entire production cycle.
 We pay the utmost attention to maintaining air and water quality by reducing the use of harmful products used in manufacturing processes. The protection of health and the environment have always been our priorities.

The process of growth and development undertaken, in 2016 led us to the opening of a new plant: a functional and modern facility designed on complete respect for the surrounding environment. Thanks to state-of-the-art solutions and the use of geothermal energy, the building manages to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and any emissions into the atmosphere, making it zero impact. Solar panels installed on the roofs of the group's buildings, on the other hand, enable the production of a significant source of renewable energy, with an installed capacity of 700Kw/p.

The office building was also built following the strictest guidelines of attention to the environment, and was in fact recognized as the first passive building in Italy with PHI (Passive House Institute) certification, which together with our factory embodies the best of prefabricated technology.

In line with our ethical principles, the path of growth and development has involved processes and products as well. In 2021 we obtained ISO 9001 certification, which defines the requirements for a quality management system. Our products range also includes CSI-certified ECO, 95ECO and ECOF lines with high recycled polymer content.

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