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In the writing market, the use of controlled capillarity filters is crucial. Reservoirs, loaded with ink, release it in a controlled manner in combination with the different types of tips. Our quality department ensures that the characteristics of each filter are optimized and customized for a maximum compatibility with the ink used by our customer in relation to the required performance. In alignemnt with our ethical principles and the extreme attention we pay to the environment, our offers product with a high content of recycled polymers. The ECO line is made with 100% recycled polymers, in the 95ECO line the polyester and recycled polypropylene content is at least 95% while in the ECOF line only polyester is recycled.

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The know-how acquired in over 50 years together with the passion and dedication of our team has allowed us to become today the suppliers of the most well known brands of colour pens, highlighters and markers in general.

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Here some tailor-made solutions for the writing market
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