Application sectors

De Martini filters find its application on a variety of application: writing instruments, cosmetics, medical, home care and beekeeping. Our products are designed to ensure precision, safety and safeguarding health. We constantly work to develop high quality products bringing together our know how and the passion of our people.

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In the writing instrument market, capillary flow control filter usage is crucial.

Air fresheners

With the PFM family filter we play a key role in the home care, air freshners market.


De Martini has always produced products specifically engineered for the medical market.


In the cosmetic market, De Martini filters play a crucial role to ensure a flawless make-up.

Other application sectors

Our products have a variety of applications, also thanks to our researchers who offer products customised on specific requirements.

Our products

De Martini products have always combined functionality criteria with an almost obsessive attention to the quality of the materials used, for creations in line with our customers needs.

Capillary filters/ porous controlled filter

The section to the fiber, its micrometric precision, the surface characteristics and the type of polymer used are technical elements that allow us to design products tailored on customers individual needs.


The tow is a bundle of parallel continuous filaments suitably crimped. Tows are defined by their total tex (mass in grams per 1000 m length).
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