A success for MagnoLab

27 January 2023

MagnoLab, the Biella project first runner-up for the PNRR call dedicated to Textiles.

The tender, dedicated to Circular Economy "Flagship" Projects, funds proposals judged highly innovative for the treatment and recycling of waste from strategic supply chains identified in the Circular Economy Action Plan launched by the EU. In more detail, the call for proposals is dedicated to "Infrastructure for the collection of pre- and post-consumer textile fractions, modernization of plant engineering and construction of new recycling plants for textile fractions from a systemic perspective." MagnoLab's primary objective, in fact, is to develop innovative solutions for the textile sector from a circular economy perspective.

MagnoLab is made up of the following 8 companies:
• De Martini Bayart e Textifibra
• De Martini
• Marchi & Fildi
• Filidea
• Di.Vé
• Pinter Caipo
• Maglificio Maggia
• Tintoria Finissaggio 2000

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